Issue of Journal № 2, 1 part [26], 2012

List of articles

Electronics, measurement technology, radio engineering and communications

Wideband array with artificial inhomogeneous dielectric structures

Aleksandrin A. M., Salomatov Yu. P.


Errors in location of radio-frequency sources by mini-antennas in the surface reflection

Anikin A. S., Denisov V. P.


Prospects and problems of wireless sensors

Bogdanov S. P., Basov O. O.


Development of the device for strain-stress state of mine rocks by means of electromagnetic and acoustic signals

Bombizov A. A., Bespalko A. A., Loschilov A. G., Filatov A. V.


Adaptive estimation of maneuvering object position in changeable radio channel transmission gain

Velikanova E. P., Voroshilin E. P.


Algorithm of abnormal direction errors rejecting for phase finder

Denisov V. P., Dubinin D. V., Krutikov M. V., Mescheryakov A. A.


Solution of electromagnetic scattering problem for two three-dimensional impedance bodies by discrete source method

Dmitrenko A. G., Urinov R. I.


The fabrication of GaAs Cu- and Al-metalized high electron mobility transistors

Erofeev E. V., Kazimirov A. I.


The method of fabrication of submicron gate for the GaAs UHF high electron mobility transistors

Erofeev E. V., Kazimirov A. I., Kulinich I. V.


Estimation of local overheating in the heterostructure of light-emitting diodes based on GaN

Ehanin S. G., Romanovskiy M. N., Tomashevich A. A.


The mobile transponder for backup a equipment of analog and digital TV broadcasting stations

Ivanov A. N., Ivanov V. B.


Optimization of the parameters of the resistor mathematical model by compliance of the calculated reflection ratio magnitude with the measured one in the range up to 20 GHz

Kalimulin I. F., Melkozyorov A. O.


Determination of optimal criteria for area coverage of digital television stations in SFN

Popov A. S.


The test of parameters of a folding solar panel under induced light

Savrasov F. V.


The method of visual definition analysis of photo realistic images

Say S. V., Sorokin N. Yu.


Description of nonlinear circuits based on X-parameters and the methods of their measurement

Sayapin V. Yu.


The linearity transfer characteristic of null radiometers with combine pulse modulation at high dynamic rage mode

Ubaychin A. V.


Synthesis of the profile of reflector surface in shaped single reflector antennas with the use of Zernike polynomials

Uzolin E. Yu., Kryukov I. G.


Nonreciprocity displays in a bi- isotropic Tellegen medium

Fisanov V. V.


The research on the influence of gate voltage of image intensifier on the dynamic range of active-pulse television systems

Kirpichenko Yu. R.


Video information systems of supervision and control under difficult visibility conditions

Kirpichenko Yu. R., Kuryachiy M. I., Pustynskiy I. N.


The evaluation criteria of the signal/noise ratio active-impulse television-computer systems

Konyuhov A. L., Kostevich A. G., Kuryachiy M. I.


Determination of the point spread function for the characteristic fragments of images

Konyuhov A. L., Kostevich A. G., Kuryachiy M. I.


Methods and means of image formation and processing in an anterior chamber of the eye

Pustynskiy I. N., Dementiev A. N., Mischenko N. I., Zaytseva E. V.


Management, computer science and informatics

On the issue of personal data protection by means of Oracle database

Dodohov A. L., Sabanov A. G.


Severity levels of authentication

Sabanov A. G.


Parallel implementation of cryptographic blocks of substitution and transposition by arithmetic polynomials

Sizonenko A. B.


Construction of computer models of industrial production facilities oil and gas

Dmitriev V. M., Gandzha T. V., Shutenkov A. V.


Development of new methodology of control systems operation analysis

Zaychenko T. N.


The research on type design solutions in the informatization

Kirienko V. E.


Robust controller parametric synthesis providing quazimaximal stability degree of interval system

Pushkarev M. I., Gayvoronskiy S. A.


Quantitative indicators of performance and risk management in Internet software promotion

Ehlakov Yu. P., Baraksanov D. N., Pahatinskaya O. D., Zaichkina P. A.


New data transmission management protocol in the MANET networks

Iovlev D. I., Boychenko I. V., Abramov V. V.


Hybrid architecture of parallel computation systems

Korikov A. M., Simonov V. V.


On the issue of designing a monitoring system for corporate network

Mehtiev E. M., Komagorov V. P., Fofanov O. B., Marchukov A. V.


Modified method of segmentation of speech signal by continuous wavelet transform

Ruchay A. N.


Simulation of the pressure adjuster for tuning gauges

Alfyorov S. M., Korikov A. M.


The software simulator of industrial electrical noises affecting sensors and communication lines of process control systems

Dyatlov D. V., Dimaki A. V., Svetlakov A. A.


Mathematical modeling and managing of traffic flow with two time scales

Soloviev V. A., Fayzullin R. T.


Model of residual life of a technical object as an example of the electric motor using neurofuzzy system

Suhankin G. V., Vorobiev N. P.


Compression of digital images, used in geo-information system of electronic general plan in an industrial enterprise

Evsyutin O. O., Milihin M. M.


Definition of the microcirculatory channel parameters through TV-computing devices

Dementiev A. N., Byankina S. V., Bazarzhapova R. R., Karnyshova E. A., Romanova A. A., Dementieva G. V.


Processing of image stream at high-speed photography of spraying process of powder coatings by a digital camera

Iordan V. I., Postoev A. I., Ryabchenko I. K.


Retrieving of the rotation angles of human head from image analysis

Kataev M. Yu., Kovalev N. V., Griboedov A. A.


The method for determining the level of investment attractiveness of the region with the sequence of fuzzy sets

Borovskaya T. I., Kozlov A. N., Kuzmina E. A.


The option valuation under Levy processes

Efremov V. A., Mitsel A. A.


Automated monitoring and forecasting of sub-federal debt

Kozlov A. N., Borovskaya T. I., Kuzmina E. A.


Structural-functional and dynamic models of monitoring of social and economic development in municipalities

Sidorov A. A., Senchenko P. V.


The algorithm for calculating the optical flow estimation in the tasks of the parameters of geometric transformations

Scherbakov V. V., Garganeev A. G., Shakirov I. V.


Microprocessor management of electric drive with valve engines for propulsion unmanned submarine vehicles

Arzhanov V. V., Shurygin Yu. A., Beynarovich V. A., Shinyakov Yu. A., Lapa A. E., Arzhanov K. V.



Mechanical characteristics of electromechanical systems

Obrusnik V. P., Gorlova T. V.


Thermal effects on the myocardium in contact with the electrode implanted pacemaker during surgery using electrocautery

Fedotov N. M., Tyagunov A. E., Nechay T. V., Sazhin A. V.


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