Proceedings of TUSUR University

Proceedings of TUSUR University is a quarterly journal published by Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics. The journal is listed among the leading Russian scientific journals and magazines recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission of Russia for publication of the key research findings of Candidate and Doctoral (PhD) theses in (Перечень ВАК от 15.02.2023 г.):

From 01.02.2022

  • 2.2.13. Radio Engineering, including Television Systems and Devices (05.12.04)
  • 2.2.14. Antennas, Microwave Devices and their Technology (05.12.07)
  • 2.2.16. Radio Location and Navigation (05.12.14)
  • 2.3.1.System Analyses, Control and Information Processing (field related) (05.13.01)
  • 2.3.3. Automation and Control of Technology Processes and Production (field related) (05.13.06)
  • 2.3.4. Management in Social and Economic Systems (05.13.10)
  • 2.3.5. Mathware and Software for Computer Equipment and Networks (05.13.11)
  • 1.2.2. Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Program Complexes (05.13.18)
  • 2.3.6. Methods and Systems for Information Protection (05.13.19)

From 15.02.2023

  • 2.3.2. Computing systems and their elements (05.13.05)
  • 2.3.8. Informatics and information processes (05.13.17)
  • 2.4.1. Theoretical and Applied Electrical Engineering (05.09.12)
  • 2.4.2. Electrotechnical complexes and systems (05.09.03)

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The journal publishes 4 issues a year, with the quarterly circulation of 500 copies.

Journal headings

  1. Electronics, radio engineering and communications
  2. Management, computer technology and informatics
  3. Electrical engineering

The journal’s 2021 RSCI impact factor is 0,265 (five year old). The journal’s 2021 RSCI impact factor is 0,299 (two year old).

Subscription index: 20648 (

Full-text electronic version of the journal is available on the archive page, at the Electronic Scientific Library (, and at the TUSUR library.

The editor’s office is committed to the principles developed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), as published on

Submissions are open for papers in Russian or English.

Submissions, peer review and publication

  • Paper submissions are always open. Submissions are open for papers in Russian or English.
  • All papers submitted are peer-reviewed. To ensure objectivity of the selection process, the review process is anonymous.
  • If accepted, papers are included in the upcoming issue of the journal.
  • If any corrections are required, the Editor’s Office communicates the reviewers’ feedback to the authors.
  • If a paper is rejected, a motivated notice of rejection is sent to its author by e-mail.
  • Authors may request a new review of a rejected paper.
  • The Editor’s Office retains paper reviews for 5 years.
Viktor N. Maslennikov

Executive Secretary of the Editor’s Office

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