References in the Roman Alphabet – Guidelines

In accordance with the requirements of international research abstract and analytics databases (Web of Science, Scopus, etc.), Russian-language journals must publish their References in the Roman alphabet. Proper formatting of references to the sources used by the paper makes it possible to provide an accurate assessment of publication activity of both the authors and the institutions they represent.

GOST R 7.0.5–2008 "References" that is used by authors for references in Russian-language publications is not applicable to references in the Roman alphabet, as international standards do not support separating characters included in GOST R 7.0.5–2008 (characters "//" and "-").

Transliteration of Russian-Language References

References can be transliterated using the automated online tool

To transliterate Russian-language references:

  1. Choose BSI system.
  2. Insert the list of references in Russian in the main box and click "в транслит".
  3. Edit the result in accordance with the requirements applicable to the publication type.

1. Basic standards for references to journal publications

  • a) All authors are listed before the title.
  • b) The number of authors is not limited to three. If the Russian-language reference does not list all authors (using "и др.", i.e. "et al."), the Roman-alphabet references must include all authors.
  • c) No comma is used before initials in author's names.
  • d) No quotes are put around the paper title.
  • e) The journal name is followed by the year.
  • f) The source name is written in italics.
  • g) Transliteration of the Russian-language title is not included in references.
  • h) Square brackets are put around an English-language translation of an Russian-language title.

General principle:

Author A.A., Author B.B., Author C.C., Author D.D. Title of article. Title of Journal, 2005, vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 49-53.


Kontorovich V.A., Lapkovskiy V.V., Lunev B.V. [The model of forming the wedge-like Neocomian complex of the Western Siberian oil and gas province in view of isostasy]. Oil and Gas Geology, 2014, no. 1, pp. 65–72. (In Russ.)
Paper from a Russian-language journal that publishers English-language summaries.

2. References to monograph or books (collections of works)

  • a) Author(s) of the monograph.
  • b) Title of the monograph (transliterated, in italics).
  • c) English-language translation of the monograph title in square brackets.
  • d) Imprint: place of publication in English (Moscow, St.Petersburg); publisher in English if it is an organization (Moscow St. Univ. Publ.), or a transliterated name if the establishment has its own name, with an indication that the establishment is a publishing house (GEOTAR-Media Publ., Nauka Publ.).
  • e) Number of pages in the publications (500 p.).

General principle:

Nigmatulin R.I. Dinamika mnogofaznykh sred [Dynamics of multiphase media]. Moscow, Nauka Publ., 1987. Pt. 1, 464 p.

Karminskiy A.M., Peresetskiy A.A., Petrov A.E. Reytingi v ekonomike: metodologiya i praktika [Ratings in economics: Methods and practice]. Moscow, Finansy i statistika Publ., 2005, 240 p.


Fomin A.N. Katagenez organicheskogo veshchestva i neftegazonosnost mezozoyskikh i paleozoyskikh otlozheniy Zapadno-Sibirskogo megabasseyna [Catagenesis of organic matter and oil-and-gas of the Mesozoic and Paleozoic deposits of the Western Siberian megabasin]. Novosibirsk, INGG SO RAN Publ., 2011, 331 p. (In Russ.)

Latyshev V.N., Tribologiya rezaniya. Kn. 1: Friktsionnye protsessy pri rezanie metallov (Tribology of Cutting, Vol. 1: Frictional Processes in Metal Cutting), Ivanovo, Ivanovskii Gos. Univ., 2009.

3. References to papers published in electronic journals and papers with DOI

  • a) Author names are followed by the paper title in square brackets.
  • b) Title of the journal (transliterated, in italics).
  • c) Year, volume, issue, in English, separated by commas.
  • d) Available at: link to the website.
  • e) Accessed date (accessed 22.05.2012).

Kontorovich A.E., Korzhubaev A.G., Eder L.V. [Forecast of global energy supply: Techniques, quantitative assessments, and practical conclusions]. Mineral'nye resursy Rossii. Ekonomika i upravlenie, 2006, no. 5. (In Russ.) Available at: (accessed 22.05.2012)


Lobova G.A., Stotsky V.V., Isaev V.I. Influence of paleoclimate on geothermal particularity and on the oil-generation potential of the Bazhenov formation (South-East Western Siberia -Novosibirsk region). Neftegazovaya geologiya. Teoriya i praktika, 2014, vol. 9, no. 3. (In Russ). Available at: (accessed 1 July 2014). Paper from an electronic journal.

Zhang Z., Zhu D. Experimental research on the localized electrochemical micro-machining. Russian Journal of Electrochemistry, 2008, vol. 44, no. 8, pp. 926-930. doi: 10.1134/S1023193508080077

4. References to papers from a continued edition (collected works) and conference proceedings

Astakhov M.V., Tagantsev T.V. [Experimental study of the strength of joints "steelcomposite"]. Trudy MGTU “Matematicheskoe modelirovanie slozhnykh tekhnicheskikh sistem” [Proc. of the Bauman MSTU “Mathematical Modeling of Complex Technical Systems”], 2006, no. 593, pp. 125-130. (In Russian)
(сборник трудов)

Usmanov T.S., Gusmanov A.A., Mullagalin I.Z., Muhametshina R.Ju., Chervyakova A.N., Sveshnikov A.V. [Features of the design of field development with the use of hydraulic fracturing]. Trudy 6 Mezhdunarodnogo Simpoziuma “Novye resursosberegayushchie tekhnologii nedropol'zovaniya i povysheniya neftegazootdachi” [Proc. 6th Int. Symp. “New energy saving subsoil technologies and the increasing of the oil and gas impact”]. Moscow, 2007, pp. 267-272. (In Russian).

Sen'kin A.V. [Issues of vibration diagnostics of elastic spacecraft]. Problemy teorii i praktiki v inzhenernykh issledovaniiakh. Trudy 33 nauch. konf. RUDN [Problems of the Theory and Practice of Engineering Research. Proc. Russ. Univ. People’s Friendship 33rd Sci. Conf.]. Moscow, 1997, pp. 223-225. (In Russ.)


Isaev V.I., Korzhov Yu.V., Zhiltsova A.A., Kuzina M.Ya. Eksperimentalnoe obosnovanie mezhplastovoy vertikalnoy migratsii neftyanykh uglevodorodov [Experimental justification of interstratal vertical migration of oil hydrocarbons]. Geologiya i neftegazonosnost Zapodno-Sibirskogo megabasseyna (opyt, innovatsii).Materialy vosmoy Vserossiyskoy nauchno-tekhnicheskoy konferentsii «Geology and oil-and-gas bearing capacity of West Siberian megabassin (experience, innovation)». Proc. of the eighth AllRussian scientific conference. Tyumen, TyumGNGU Publ., 2012. Vol. II, pp. 20–23. Conference proceedings

5. References to translated books, unpublished documents

Timoshenko S.P., Young D.H., Weaver W. Vibration problems in engineering. 4th ed. New York, Wiley, 1974. 521 p. (Russ. ed.: Timoshenko S.P., Iang D.Kh., Uiver U. Kolebaniia v inzhenernom dele. Moscow, Mashinostroenie Publ., 1985. 472 p.).

Brooking A., Jones P., Cox F. Expert systems. Principles and case studies. Chapman and Hall, 1984. 231 p. (Russ. ed.: Bruking A., Dzhons P., Koks F. Ekspertnye sistemy. Printsipy raboty i primery. Moscow, Radio i sviaz' Publ., 1987. 224 p.).

If possible, the original name of the book should be written as the name of the translated publication. This approach makes it possible to find the author's publications by their original names. Alternatively, references can describe the translated book and include the original names of authors (making it clear that the book was written by foreign authors and published in Russian).

Brooking A., Jones P., Cox F. Ekspertnye sistemy. Printsipy raboty i primery [Expert systems. Principles and case studies]. Moscow, Radio i sviaz' Publ., 1987. 224 p.

When the original title and/or author's names cannot be found, the description must use the title of the translated publication.

Unpublished document:

Latypov A.R., Khasanov M.M., Baikov V.A. Geology and Production (NGT GiD). The Certificate on official registration of the computer program. No. 2004611198, 2004. (In Russian, unpublished).

Pressure generator GD-2M. Technical description and user manual. Zagorsk, Res. Inst. of Appl. Chem. Publ., 1975. 15 p. (In Russian, unpublished).

6. References to Internet resources; patens

Kondrat'ev V.B. Global'naya farmatsevticheskaya promyshlennost' [The global pharmaceutical industry]. Available at: (accessed 23.06.2013)


Lobova G.A., Stotsky V.V., Isaev V.I. Influence of paleoclimate on geothermal particularity and on the oil-generation potential of the Bazhenov formation (South-East Western Siberia -Novosibirsk region). Neftegazovaya geologiya. Teoriya i praktika, 2014, vol. 9, no. 3. (In Russ). Available at: (accessed 1 July 2014). Paper from an electronic journal.

Palkin M.V. e.a. Sposob orientirovaniia po krenu letatel'nogo apparata s opticheskoi golovkoi samonavedeniia [The way to orient on the roll of aircraft with optical homing head]. Patent RF, no. 2280590, 2006.

A full list of authors is preferred. In this case, the reference does not list all authors (as given in an authentic list of references).

7. References to theses and abstracts of theses; GOST; description of anonymous documents

Semenov V.I. Matematicheskoe modelirovanie plazmy v sisteme kompaktnyi tor. Diss. dokt. fiz.-mat. nauk [Mathematical modeling of the plasma in the compact torus. Dr. phys. and math. sci. diss.]. Moscow, 2003. 272 p.


Semenov V.I. Matematicheskoe modelirovanie plazmy v sisteme kompaktnyi tor. Dokt, Diss. [Mathematical modeling of the plasma in the compact torus. Doct. Diss.].Moscow, 2003. 272 p.

Grigor'ev Iu.A. Razrabotka nauchnykh osnov proektirovaniia arkhitektury raspredelennykh sistem obrabotki dannykh. Diss. dokt. tekhn. nauk [Development of scientific bases of architectural design of distributed data processing systems. Dr. eng. sci. diss.]. Moscow, Bauman MSTU Publ., 1996. 243 p.


Lobova G.A. Perspektivy Yugorskoy zony neftenakopleniya po kompleksu geologogeofizicheskikh dannykh.Avtoreferat kand. nauk [Prospects of the Yugra zone of oil accumulation by the complex of geological and geophysical data. Cand. Diss. Abstract]. Khanty-Mansisk, 2009. 24 p.
Abstract or a thesis / thesis

GOST 8.586.5–2005. Metodika vypolneniia izmerenii. Izmerenie raskhoda i kolichestva zhidkostei i gazov s pomoshch'iu standartnykh suzhaiushchikh ustroistv [State Standard 8.586.5 – 2005. Method of measurement. Measurement of flow rate and volume of liquids and gases by means of orifice devices]. Moscow, Standartinform Publ., 2007. 10 p.


GOST 8.586.5–2005. Method of measurement. Measurement of flow rate and volume of liquids and gases by means of orifice devices. Moscow, Standartinform Publ., 2007. 10 p. (In Russian)

Anonymous documents:

Russian Pharmaceutical Market. Results of 2010. The Analytical Review. DSM Group, 2011. 74 p. (In Russ.)

Current status of the Russian pharmaceutical industry and international experience. Materials for the working group of the Commission for Modernization and Technological Development of Russia's Economy. Available at: (In Russ.)

Code of Business Conduct of OJSC “LUKOIL”. Available at: (In Russ.)

RF Federal Law “On Protection of Consumers' Rights” of February 07, 1992 № 2300-1 (as amended by Federal Law of January 09, 1996 № 2 FZ, December 17, 1999 № 212 FZ). (In Russ.).

8. References to English-language bibliographic sources

Any references to English-language publications should be included in the list of references in the original language in full, excluding the separating characters "//" and "-".

Paper published in a journal:
Cooper L.P., Scheer D.D. Status of advanced for space-baced orbital transfer vehicle, Acta Astronautica, 1988, no. 5, pp. 515-529.

A book:
Abbott A. System of Professions: An Essay on the Division of Expert Labor, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL.,1988, 245 p.

An electronic resource:
Pitkow J., Kehoel C., "GVU's WWW user surveys", available at:, 1997.


Tissot, B.Р. Preliminary Data on the Mechanisms and Kinetics of the Formation of Petroleum in Sediments. Computer Simulation of a Reaction Flowsheet [Text] // Oil & Gas Science and Technology – Rev. IFP. – 2003. – Vol.  58, No. 2. – P. 183–202.

in References:

Tissot B.R. Preliminary Data on the Mechanisms and Kinetics of the Formation of Petroleum in Sediments. Computer Simulation of a Reaction Flowsheet. Oil & Gas Science and Technology – Rev. IFP, 2003, vol. 58, no. 2, pp. 183–202. 


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