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Electronics, measurement technology, radio engineering and communications

Method of IQ imbalance compensation for RF transceivers

Abramenko A. Yu., Goshin G. G.


Analysis of the effect of non-ideal directional device on accuracy of the measurement reflection coefficient

Goshin G. G., Miheev F. A.


Multi-channel RF down-converter prototype unit for autonomous navigation system

Dmitriev V. D., Tereshkov V. V., Sayapin V. Yu., Suntsov S. B., Krat M. V.


Improvement of noise stability in autonomous spacecraft navigation system

Kuprits V. Yu., Sharygin G. S., Shkolnyy V. N.


Combined taking into account for parasitic parameters of components and their installation in calculation of passive circuit frequency characteristics of spaceborne equipment

Kalimulin I. F., Gazizov T. R., Zabolotskiy A. M., Kuznetsova-Tadzhibaeva O. M.


On the issue of a noise-immune radio communication by using a radiometric methods

Ubaychin A. V.


Using a tunable antenna diagram at the radiometers sensitivity enhancement

Ubaychin A. V., Rogozhnikov E. V.


Methods and means of increasing technical characteristics of active pulse television computing systems for supervision

Mischenko N. I., Pustynskiy I. N.


Linear processing of verification data of vector network analyzer for wafer-level application

Savin A. A.


Toroidal transformer with preset magnetic field distribution

Bychkov S. A., Shkorkin V. V.


A mathematical model of an active four-pole network for a wideband amplifier with four-port parallel feedback

Yakushevich G. N.


Optimization of ohmic contacts for AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors

Velikovskiy L. E., Sim P. E.


Control MMICs based on GaAs

Guschin V. A., Yunusov I. V., Plotnikova A. Yu.


Using of the finite element method for calculating the partial capacity distribution in the microstrip line

Rubanovich M. G., Vagin D. V., Hrustalev V. A., Bogomolov P. G., Stolyarenko A. A.


Management, computer science and informatics

Model of quantum key distribution system over optical fiber with time coding

Zadorin A. S., Mahorin D. A.


Statistical analysis of signals in quantum key distribution systems

Zadorin A. S., Mahorin D. A.


Math modeling of universal multilevel intermediate representations for source code static analysis

Zubov M. V., Pustygin A. N., Startsev E. V.


An algorithm for data set approximation using coefficients

Ashirbakiev R. I., Melkozerov A. O., Lezhnin E. V.


Mathematical method of printed circuits modeling using graphs

Ashirbakiev R. I., Melkozerov A. O., Lezhnin E. V.


Scalable model building of a monolithic thin-film resistor based on RF measurement and electromagnetic simulation

Salnikov A. S., Dobush I. M., Goryainov A. E., Babak L. I.


Minimization algorithms of number logic elements in implementation of linear mappings

Borisenko N. P., Nguen V. L.


Investigation of the multi-stage queueing system GI/(M/∞) K by means of the raw moment method

Matveev S. A., Moiseev A. N., Nazarov A. A.


Universal intermediate representation construction of source code in C++ and C# languages

Oshnurov N. A., Pustygin A. N., Kovalevskiy A. A.


Automatic term extraction approach in dynamic text collection for building Word-Emotion Dictionary for Twitter

Rubtsova Yu. V.


Architecture of digital libraries based on Semantic Web technologies

Tuzovskiy A. F., Le H.


Integrated system of identification of displacement characteristics in problems of monitoring and managing oil field development

Sergeev V. L., Naymushin A. G., Long C. N.


Electrical engineering

Digital reference model of the reaction wheel used in a spacecraft orientation and stabilization system

Balkovoy N. N., Mihalchenko G. Ya.


Digital astatic electric drive of the spacecraft orientation and stabilization system

Balkovoy N. N., Muravyatkin Yu. E., Lyanzburg V. P., Mihalchenko G. Ya.


Output voltage analysis of multi-phase four-level PWM voltage source inverters

Bahovtsev I. A.



The control system of calcium sulfate waste for frame-monolithic modules

Fedorchuk Yu. M., Rusina O. N., Sadenova M. A., Litovkin S. V.


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