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Electronics, measurement technology, radio engineering and communications

Polarization-modulation method of measuring the bearing of a moving object in angular radio beacon systems

Gulko V. L., Mescheryakov A. A.


The numerical calculation of the mean electromagnetic field in a randomly inhomogeneous atmosphere

Zaharov F. N., Akulinichev Yu. P.


Correction of video signal distortions in active and pulse television systems

Avdochenko B. I., Zaytseva E. V., Kirpichenko Yu. R., Kuryachiy M. I., Pustynskiy I. N.


Development of SAR image processing algorithms for marine monitoring

Alpatov B. A., Balashov O. E., Ershov M. D., Muraviev V. S., Feldman A. B.


Video system for environmental ecological monitoring and oceanological research

Pavlov A. N., Konstantinov O. N., Shmirko K. A.


Mapping the surrounding space with the use of odometry, inertial navigation, structured light and com- puter vision

Kosova A. E., Popkov A. I.


Spectral method for the contactless temperature measurement of crystals in semiconductor light sources

Goncharova Yu. S., Romanova M. A., Smirnov S. V.


Application of reflective symmetry for modal filtration improvement

Zabolotskiy A. M.


New features of electromagnetic compatibility in TALGAT simulation software

Kuksenko S. P., Zabolotskiy A. M., Melkozerov A. O., Gazizov T. R.


Device of sealed cable input of radio-frequency signals in vacuum and under extreme effects

Deeva V. S., Vaschuk S. P., Kostyukov N. S., Slobodyan S. M.


Laser-induced nonlinear optical response of silicate nanocomposite based on the cadmium sulfide quan- tum dots

Voznesenskiy S. S., Sergeev A. A.


Microwave characteristics of textured composite materials containing ferrite powder with a hexagonal structure

Suslyaev V. I., Ulyanova O. A.


Control of interference energy fluxes in the evanescent fields of the radiating systems

Belichenko V. P., Zapasnoy A. S., Shestakov P. V.


Management, computer science and informatics

Penetration testing tools for information systems

Tumanov S. A.


A new method of security development for web services based on moving target defense (MTD) technolo- gies

Styugin M. A.


Non-autonomous binary shift registers without changing the relative frequencies of characters in the input sequence

Melnikov S. Yu.


Static models of artificial neurons. Review

Hodashinskiy I. A., Malyutin N. D.


The estimation of network capacity based on the model of homogenous network

Kataev M. Yu., Krupskiy A. S.


Software system for storing and manipulating of the spatio-temporal data

Kataev M. Yu., Lukyanov A. K., Bekerov A. A.


Fast algorithm for computing the two-dimensional correlation for video processing

Altman E. A., Zaharenko E. I.


Software system for automatic classification of cirrus cloud textures on the basis of neuro-fuzzy network

Astafurov V. G., Evsyutkin T. V.


Conceptual basis for cognitive modeling of social and economic development of municipal formations

Sidorov A. A., Sapron D. V.


On calculating fuzzy reliability function for systems with fuzzy reliability model parameters

Efremov A. A.


Study of the stabilization system of radiometric tract with parametric feedback

Tsapko E. A.


Experiment in scientific research

Korikov A. M.


Electrical engineering

Analytical method for determining the switching time of the combined converter with output voltage, providing single-cycle mode

Apasov V. I., Mihalchenko S. G., Tanovitskiy Yu. N.


On the optional signal smoothing for the derivative controller element of the pulse-width step-down (buck) stabilizer and its effect to the duration of the transient process in the small

Tanovitskiy Yu. N., Kobzev G. A., Savin D. A., Apasov V. I.


Simulation and analysis of a novel single-phase induction motor with increased starting torque

Kachin S. I., Kachin O. S., Kiselev A. V., Burtsev L. Yu.


Methods of software design microcontrollers for high-speed control systems

Vintonyak N. P., Fedotov V. A., Semenov V. D.



The mathematical modeling of the impact of context factors on the educational level of high school graduates in the Russian Federation

Ilyuhin B. V., Lepustin A. V., Katsman Yu. Ya.


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