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Electronics, measurement technology, radio engineering and communications

Wave parameters of an isotropic chiral medium with losses

Fisanov V. V.


Measurement of High-Values Quality Factor of Capacitive Objects by the Direct Method Using a Special Calibration of Impedance Meter

Semenov E. V., Malahovskiy O. Yu.


Impulse characteristics nanostructures of metal-dielectric-metal

Troyan P. E., Zelenskiy V. I., Karanskiy V. V.


Model of the input device of the radiometric receiver for measuring the profile of the deep temperatures of biological media by non-invasive radio thermometry

Filatov A. V.


Inductively coupled plasma etching of InP/InGaAs heterostructure for optical waveguide structures

Ishutkin S. V., Arykov V. S., Zhidik Yu. S., Troyan P. E.


Management, computer science and informatics

On threats to the security of restricted information in mixed document flow and legal regulation in the application of digital signatures with biometric activation

Lozhnikov P. S., Zhumazhanova S. S.


Algorithm for applying short-term forecasting for detecting information security incidents through the network traffic analysis

Ishakov S. Yu., Ishakov A. Yu., Shelupanov A. A.


Building an adaptive three-tier model of management processes for the information security system of critical information infrastructure objects

Goldobina A. S., Isaeva Yu. A., Selifanov V. V., Klimova A. M., Zenkin P. S.


Multifunctional arithmetic devices in residual classes

Kozhevnikov A. A.


Noncompensatory aggregation and rating of cloud service providers

Razumnikov S. V.


Comparative analysis of aerosol optical thickness from MODIS and CALIPSO L2 satellite products

Gustokashin P. E., Kataev M. Yu.


Computer vision methods for mapping the state of agricultural fields

Kataev M. Yu., Yolgin K. S., Sorokin I. B.


Generation of names of fuzzy clusters in the space of heterogeneous features to zone territories by external conditions

Silich M. P., Aksyonov S. V.


Neural network algorithm for clustering wireless sensor network nodes based on Kohonen self-organizing maps

Paraschinets A. V., Efremova A. E.


Orientation of mining technology machines based on microelectromechanical systems

Korikov A. M., Mescheryakov Ya. E.


Statistical modeling of quality measures of operation and preventive maintenance of railway telecommunication equipment in AnyLogic

Lyubchenko A. A., Kopytov E. Yu., Bogdanov A. A.


Models and algorithms for identification of oil and gas reservoirs by the adaptive method of deterministic pressure moments

Sergeev V. L., Nguen T. F., Vu K. D.


Electrical engineering

Generation of ion beams in a vacuum arc ion source with a two-component cathode

Frolova V. P., Prokopenko N. A., Kiziridi P. P.


Methodology of relative energy usage evaluation for an opening drive of umbrella-type reflector antenna at ground tests on active gravity compensation system

Malyshenko A. M., Maykov S. A.


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