Issue of Journal № 2 [20], 2009

List of articles

Electronics, measurement technology, radio engineering and communications

To calculation of light exposure of the image and alarm electrons number in the television gauge on the CCD matrix

Pustynskiy I. N., Zaytseva E. V.


Infra-red illuminate level modeling on supervision line of the television gauge

Avdochenko B. I.


The cooperative processing of orthogonal polarization waves in phase direction finders of radio monitoring systems

Denisov V. P., Krutikov M. V., Lebedev V. Yu., Skorodumov M. P.


Nonlinear problem of the calculation of a base station’s coverage area

Egorov L. L., Kologrivov V. A.


Utmost possible harmonic distortions of analog devices built on operational amplifiers

Kolesov I. A.


Mathematical model of an active four-port device for a wideband UHF amplifier with two-port parallel feedback

Yakushevich G. N.


Suspended substrate frequency quadraplexer

Kondratenko A. V., Shevlyakov M. L., Vasin A. A.


Nonlinear averaging filter on the basis of exponential transformation

Tolstunov V. A., Stepanets P. V.


Track initiation methods for moving targets

Voroshilina E. P., Voroshilin E. P., Tislenko V. I.


Target tracking methods

Voroshilina E. P., Voroshilin E. P., Tislenko V. I.


The use of neural networks for restoration of the form of periodic signals

Ziyautdinov V. S., Kornev P. A.


Measuring the Shifts in Investigating the Hardness and Damping Properties of Thread-Like Joints

Tshay E. B.


Management, computer science and informatics

Automatic desktop DB recovery system

Borovskoy I. G., Vagner D. P.


Adaptive regulator with multidot recurrece algorithm of identification and orthogonalization of measurements in the control loop

Karelin A. E., Svetlakov A. A.


Digital differentiation of signals with application of multi-point methods in systems of automatic control of processes

Maystrenko A. V., Svetlakov A. A., Starovoytov N. V.


Model of the distributed information-telecommunication system with batch data transmission

Slyadnikov E. E.


Generator of component models of the material circuits based on interactive mathematic panels

Dmitriev V. M., Gandzha T. V., Korotina T. Yu.


The mathematical model of the process of change of a demographic situation and its research

Nazarov A. A., Nosova M. G.


Two-factor model for solving some tasks of small business management in the regions

Pinkovetskaya Yu. S.


Modeling of the monopoly services

Pugovkin A. V., Antonova A. Yu., Zarechnaya I. A., Matylitskaya E. S., Muslimova N. I., Nepomnyaschih Ya. V.


3D mathematical model of mechanical behaviors of double curved shell structures under quasistatic loading

Cherepanov O. I., Cherepanov R. O., Nikankin A. A.


The trajectory planning method for multicoordinate manipulator

Scherbinin S. V., Medvedev D. A., Negodyaev S. V., Komzolov S. V., Vasenin P. K.


Information system of in situ leaching enterprise mining complex

Istomin A. D., Noskov M. D., Tsigura-Kosenko D. V., Cheglokov A. A.


The statement and solving of the task of automation of equipment repair and maintenance

Kizim A. V.


On the application of genetic methods for solving the tasks of electrical equipment life cycle support

Eltyshev D. K., Petrochenkov A. B., Bochkaryov S. V.


Resource optimization system of electro-technical equipment on the basis of subjective risk factors estimation methods

Horoshev N. I., Petrochenkov A. B., Kazantsev V. P.


The software of decision support system for blast furnace manufacture

Suchkov A. V.


Digital processing systems of radiometric signals for nondestructive test of complex-surface largesized products

Mescheryakov R. V., Ohotnikov A. A.


Bee and ant colony algorithms for fuzzy systems identification

Hodashinskiy I. A., Dudin P. A., Gorbunov I. V.


Calculation of correct value of an integer number square root

Kolesov A. N.


Electrical engineering

Nonlinear dynamics of converters with multiphase pulse modulation

Gavrilov A. A., Mihalchenko G. Ya., Mihalchenko S. G.


Technical and Economic Evaluation of All-Electric Aircrafts Designing

Garganeev A. G., Haritonov S. A.


Promising Electric Power Supply Systems for All-Electric Aircrafts

Garganeev A. G., Haritonov S. A.


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