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Electronics, radio engineering and communications

Parameters of asymmetric coupled lines with inhomogeneous dielectrics

Sychev A. N., Rudyy N. Yu.


Simple approximation of the discrete Green's function in the frequency domain for the numerical solution of the parabolic equation

Akulinichev Yu. P., Mogilnikov A. V.


Satellite communication system noise immunity and ionospheric scintillation intensity evaluation based on the results of total electronic content measurements

Chipiga A. F., Pashintsev V. P., Peskov M. V.


Mathematical model of active quadrupole of corrective broadband amplifier with feedback

Yakushevich G. N.


Alarm capacitive sensor based on transients in RC-circuits

Yakunin A. G.


Management, computer science and informatics

Acceleration of multiple calculations of the matrix of electrostatic induction coefficients of a strip structure

Kuksenko S. P.


Variants of secure data exchange implementation in housing and communal services according to DLMS/COSEM standards using Russian cryptography

Kostromin I. S., Mischenko I. G., Pogibelskiy D. A., Hafizov R. Z.


Preliminary image processing in vision systems

Goritov A. N.


Electrical engineering

Implementation of a two-circuit control system of the energy-generating complex in the mode of stabilization of the output voltage by the energy conversion channel of the battery

Vintonyak N. P., Semenov V. D., Kabirov V. A., Tyunin S. S., Borodin D. B.


Development of a mathematical model of a voltage converter with a power factor corrector for LED light sources

Olisovets A. Yu., Tuev V. I., Shkarupo S. P., Habarov M. V., Ivanov A. N.


Efficiency evaluation for the light distribution of lighting devices

Goncharov A. D., Tuev V. I.


Valve electric drive in oscillatory mode with variable natural frequency

Kulakovskiy Yu. M., Aristov A. V.


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