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Electronics, measurement technology, radio engineering and communications

Use of orthogonal linearly polarized signals on board dual-channel UHF radio beacon navigation systems

Gulko V. L., Mescheryakov A. A.


Management, computer science and informatics

On the principal decisions of the practical implementation of the cryptographic devices with quantum key distribution

Vtyurina A. G., Eliseev V. L., Zhilyaev A. E., Nikolaeva A. S., Sergeev V. N., Urivskiy A. V.


Differential analysis of three rounds of cipher «Kuznyechik»

Tolomanenko E. A.


Analysis of information leaks based on spurious electromagnetic emissions

Antipov D. A.


Research of the direction of secondary electromagnetic radiation from a personal computer

Antipov D. A., Shelupanov A. A.


Possibilities and outlooks of integral noise level decrease in voice information active protection means

Trushin V. A., Ivanov A. V.


Correction of wordy legibility's value to evaluate the security of the premises

Kustova O. S., Shesheneva E. A., Kalashnikov A. M.


Algorithm for formants calculation and searching of aligned fragments in preparation for phonoscopic examination

Gurakov I. A., Kostyuchenko E. Yu., Novohrestova D. I., Silich M. P.


Features of clustering the multispectral satellite Landsat images

Kataev M. Yu., Bogomolov A. V.


Model for definition of preferred product configuration

Levashova T. V., Pashkin M. P.


Recommender Systems for Driver Information Support: State-of-the-Art Review

Taramov A. A., Shilov N. G.


Modeling scenarios to control dynamic objects based on the graphical language X-Robot

Dmitriev V. M., Gandzha T. V., Bukreev A. S.


Structure of an information recommendation system to support decision-making of the state institution

Kataev M. Yu., Loseva N. V., Bulysheva L. A.


Study of characteristics of the acousto-optic channel of speech information leakage in the conditions of implementation of protection mechanisms

Avsentiev O. S., Gudkov D. A.


Methods for solving inverse problems of economic analysis by minimizing argument increments

Gribanova E. B.


Electrical engineering

Comparison of the implementation options of the module for monitoring and controlling lithium-ion batteries

Tsebenko N. N., Ivanov A. V., Pchelnikov V. A., Pravikova A. A., Rulevskiy V. M., Fyodorov A. V.


Bidirectional booster converter with soft-switching for power supply systems

Osipov A. V., Shemolin I. S., Lopatin A. A., Latypov R. A.


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