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Electronics, radio engineering and communications

Radar range applied to guard surveillance systems

Novikov A. V., Hristenko A. V.


Analysis and synthesis of asymmetric coupled lines in a homogeneous dielectric medium

Sychev A. N.


Delay time of the signal in very-large integrated circuits

Danilina T. I., Chistoedova I. A., Zarechnev A. D.


Spatial structure of the phase state of the field generated by a system of closely spaced radiators

Belichenko V. P., Zapasnoy A. S., Yakubov V. P., Mironchev A. S.


Simulation of resonant strip probes for interference near-field microscopy

Belichenko V. P., Mironchev A. S., Klokov A. V., Zapasnoy A. S.


Management, computer science and informatics

Methodology for assessing the security of information systems built using virtualization technologies

Kurnosov K. V.


Influence of inertia group of the S-box on the differential characteristic of the box cipher

Grigoryan D. R., Ngi N. V.


Continuous optimization using a hybrid model of cellular automata and learning automata

Evsyutin O. O., Shelupanov A. A., Babishin V. D., Cosedko K. A.


Providing QoS based on the OLSR routing protocol: problems, algorithms and solutions

Scherba E. V., Litvinov G. A.


Implementation algorithms for the methods of personal data depersonalization in distributed information systems

Mischenko E. Yu., Sokolov A. N.


Neural networks with polynomial piecewise-continuous activation functions for the problems of finding data patterns

Nguen A. T., Korikov A. M.


Business and user requirements patterns for engineering and manufacturing type software

Ehlakov Yu. P.


Depth estimation based on convolutional neural networks

Chugunov R. A., Kulnevich A. D., Aksenov S. V.


Electrical engineering

Study of the combined buck-boost DC-DC converter in the composition of high-voltage energy-converting equipment

Apasov V. I., Kobzev A. V., Mihalchenko G. Ya.


Shepherd algorithm to determine model parameters when constructing simulator of the Lithium-Ion cells

Bryantsev A. A., Bukreev V. G.


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