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Electronics, radio engineering and communications

Effect of the rim presence on the characteristics of inhomogeneous dielectric lens antennas

Aleksandrin A. M., Salomatov Yu. P.


Simulation of CO-NOMA communication channel

Kryukov Ya. V., Pokamestov D. A., Rogozhnikov E. V., Gromova Yu. S.


Computational experimental method of analyzing waves in irregular coupled strip lines with lumped inhomogeneities

Trenkal E. I., Malyutin N. D., Loschilov A. G., Fedorov V. N.


New method for triple reservation of interconnects

Sharafutdinov V. R., Gazizov T. R.


Study of the amplitude-frequency characteristics of modal filters with a passive conductor in the form of a series of transmission line segments

Hazhibekov R. R.


Reducing the measurement error of the time of the return recovery of rapidly recovering diodes using oscilloscopes with a narrow bandwidth

Shevchenko G. M., Semenov E. V.


Management, computer science and informatics

Method to identify cybercriminals using network analysis of information systems with anonymization

Basynya E. A., Hitsenko V. E., Rudkovskiy A. A.


The approach to text electronic documents marking and its comparison with existing analogues

Kozachok A. V., Kopylov S. A.


Classification of Twitter social network expert users

Banokin P. I., Luneva E. E., Efremov A. A.


Comparative analysis of the methods of increasing the spatial resolution of satellite data LANDSAT-8

Kataev M. Yu., Butin S. M.


Algorithm for automated visual inspection of monolithic integrated circuits using neural networks

Shiryaev B. V., Yuschenko A. Yu., Bezruk A. V.


PID-controller tuning approach guaranteeing non-overshooting step response

Tsavnin A. V., Efimov S. V., Zamyatin S. V.


Object-oriented analysis and design of the algorithm and architecture control software of environmental shielded TEM-chamber

Osintsev A. V., Komnatnov M. E.


Models and algorithms of adaptive method to detect filtra- tion flow during horizontal well testing

Sergeev V. L., Dong V. H., Hagay D. E.


Fuzzy cognitive model of decision support at the stage of monitoring and risk management of software projects

Ehlakov Yu. P., Permyakova N. V.


Evaluation of enterprise performance based on the DEA method

Alimhanova A. N., Mitsel A. A.


Calculating the angle of human movement direction by studying the parameters of a gait using video sequences

Kataev M. Yu., Rudova E. V.


Prognostic model of human adaptation to the information load

Nesmelova N. N.


Electrical engineering

Method to determine the optimal voltage and AC frequency in a three-phase cable-rope of the underwater power supply system

Rulevskiy V. M.


Technical implementation and algorithmic support of power supply system for remote power consumer

Rulevskiy V. M.


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