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Electronics, radio engineering and communications

Non-parametric algorithm of processing the signals in the phase direction finders with the linear aerial array

Porubov G. G., Denisov V. P.


Conflict-free, fault-tolerant, and compact programmable switching unit

Soldatov A. I., Kim O. H., Soldatov A. A., Kostina M. A., Narimanova G. N.


Management, computer science and informatics

Model of typical threats to information security based on the model of information flows

Egoshin N. S.


Adjusting robust neural networks for solving the classification problem

Sivak M. A., Timofeev V. S.


Math model for estimating the probability of preambles collisions within random access in the mMTC scenario

Kryukov Ya. V., Pokamestov D. A., Rogozhnikov E. V., Novichkov S. A., Lakontsev D. V.


Estimation of the relation between the correlator length and the number of subscribers in a communication system with digital pseudo-random modulation

Kokin D. S., Ponomarev O. -.


Method to produce orthomosaics of the terrain using a helicopter-type UAV with an on-board navigation geodetic receiver

Zahlebin A. S.


Technique for clustering agricultural fields based on RGB-images shot by unmanned aerial vehicles

Kataev M. Yu., Kartashov E. Yu., Kuznetsov A. A.


Digital audio watermarking based on the modulation of MCLT-coefficients

Kollar M. E.


Information system to support an advanced training of personnel for a monotown: concept, functions and composition of modules

Zaharova A. A., Zaharov L. Yu.


Statistical models for enterprise compensation system

Mitsel A. A., Shilnikov A. S.


Application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process for choosing a forecasting model for the consumer price index in Russia

Kasyan E. A., Nemirovich-Danchenko M. M.


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