Information system to support an advanced training of personnel for a monotown: concept, functions and composition of modules

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Authors: Zaharova A. A., Zaharov L. Yu.

Annotation: The work considers one of the most important aspects for the development of monotowns in modern conditions - the creation of a system to enables an advanced training of personnel for monotown (SATPM), and ensures the implementation of the chosen strategy of a single-industry city. The task to develop a comprehensive methodological base and software environment is set up. This environment provides a network interaction of educational institutions, employers, administration of a monotown, and its population (individuals), as well as a support tool for decision-making processes in accordance with its tasks and requirements. Based on the criteria and information needs of SATPM entities making decisions, conceptual methodological principles of software development are formulated. The results of functional modeling of the information system of advanced training for monotown, the composition of the modules and the technology of their interaction are presented.

Keywords: module, functional modeling, decision making, information system, advanced training of personnel, monotown

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