Statistical models for enterprise compensation system

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Authors: Mitsel A. A., Shilnikov A. S.

Annotation: The article discusses the topic of simulation modeling for compensation system (CS). These models are used as a core of the decision-making system (DSS) for the needs of compensation. The authors propose two solutions for compensation plan modeling: 1) Conceiving analytical statistical model; 2) Developing simulation model. The second solution is presented in the article. Some particular CS models are put forward. Based on the obtained synthetic data, following results are achieved: 1) probability densities functions of different CS result indicators are defined; 2) statistical characteristics of CS indicators are reviewed; 3) probability of CS efficiency is measured.

Keywords: gamma distribution, chi-square distribution, exponential distribution, normal distribution, wage fund, product quality, product output, labor satisfaction, compensation systems regularity, probability density, imitation modeling, compensation system

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