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Electronics, measurement technology, radio engineering and communications

Analysis of the linear depolarization ratio variability in the radiolocation sensing of inhomogeneous medium filled with hydrometeors

Masalov E. V., Krivin N. N., Kokoulin K. V.


Channel waveguide structures optically induced in a lithium niobate crystal with a photorefractive surface layer

Bezpalyy A. D., Shandarov V. M., Mandel A. E.


Management, computer science and informatics

Securing Routing Protocols for Wireless Networks with Dynamic Topology

Nikonov V. I., Litvinov G. A., Scherba E. V.


Detection of malware based on the classification of source code graphs

Buhanov D. G., Sulohin D. V.


Neural network system for converting the user biometric characteristics into a cryptographic key

Chuykov A. V., Vulfin A. M., Vasiliev V. I.


System of automatic homography resolution based on the semantic connection words of adjacent sentences in a text passage

Chemerilov V. V., Fadeev A. S.


Finding common parts in software source code versions represented by graph models

Pogrebnoy A. V.


Algorithm for image retravel in the space of hash functions based on the deep neural network technologies

Zelenskiy A. A., Pismenskova M. M., Voronin V. V.


Algorithm to find the shape of objects from the analysis of data obtained in the infrared range

Zelenskiy A. A., Semenischev E. A., Frants V. A.


A lgorithm for evaluating the marketing activities of the online social network Vkontakte based on the cascade model of information dissemination

Gribanova E. B., Logvin I. N., Shirenkov I. V.


System communications of components in management of the construction materials assortment

Haritonov V. A., Krivogina D. N.


Electrical engineering

Approximation of a nonlinear mathematical model of the power system of a deep-sea apparatus

Rulevskiy V. M., Bukreev V. G., Shandarova E. B.


Analog base IV-former for Solar Array Simulator

Shkuratov A. V., Petrovckiy A. V.


Comparative analysis of energy efficiency of power conditioning units with parallel and serial Solar Array power regulators

Nesterishin M. V., Kozlov R. V., Zhuravlev A. V.


Increasing sensitivity of control moment gyroscope electric drive when operating at low rotational velocities

Yakimovskiy D. O., Polozhentsev D. S., Dzhukich D. Yo.


Reaction wheels: the state-of-the-art and prospectives

Polyakov M. V., Dmitrienko A. S., Zavyalova O. Yu., Lyanzburg V. P., Gladyshev G. N., Balkovoy N. N.


Mathematical model of a flexible asymmetrical rotor for active magnetic bearing reaction wheel

Polyakov M. V., Lipovtsev A. A., Aleksanov A. A.


Conversion of the flywheel speed into the code

Pasko V. A., Sosin A. A., Lyanzburg V. P.



Development of research on the application of new information technologies in the environmental monitoring and biogeochemistry

Ermakov V. V., Saryan V. K.


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