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Electronics, radio engineering and communications

Design and Research Process of Microstrip Low-Pass Filters with High Slope Steepness

Lamanov Yu. A., Kudryavtseva T. O., Drobotun N. B.


Synthesis of Human Voice Fragments Based on Frequency Spectra Reconstruction

Lan G., Fadeev A. S., Morgunov A. N.


Management, computer science and informatics

Investigation of User Data Security for Android-based «Signal» Messenger

Kucher V. A., Putyato M. M.


Development of a Subsystem for Steganalysis of Digital Images Based on a Convolutional Neural Network to Detect and Prevent Attacks Using Hidden Steganographic Channels

Yandashevskaya E. A.


Feature-vector for the MeanShift

Shaposhnikov A. I.


Algorithm and Software for Building Aggregated Rankings

Razumnikov S. V.


Window Processing of EEG Records by the Prony’s Method

Elenets M. V., Nemirovich-Danchenko M. M.


Assessment of Human Walking Parameters with Two Accelerometers

Kataev M. Yu., Kataeva N. G., Chernov R. A.


Synthesis of Regulators of the Drying Plant Control System Based on Statistical Data

Nguen V. V., Shilin A. A., Bukreev V. G., Perevoschikov F. V., Bryantsev A. A.


Software Architecture of the Distributed System for Transport Monitoring and Control

Igumnov A. O.


Application Areas for Blockchain Systems

Vladimirov M. V.


Electrical engineering

Resonant LCL Converter with Frequency-Pulse-Width Control

Osipov A. V., Rulevskiy V. M.


Control Algorithms for Multichannel Shunt Voltage Converter with Digital Control System

Asochakov A. S., Druzhinin A. A., Zhuravlev I. M., Lopatin A. A.


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