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Electronics, radio engineering and communications

Review of expert systems for electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment

Kvasnikov A. A., Kuksenko S. P.


Artificial light source simulating the solar spectrum for testing solar panels

Martinovich M. V., Belova I. A., Fedorova D. Yu.


Management, computer science and informatics

Network anomaly detection in the Microsoft Windows system logs using machine learning methods

Pavlychev A. V., Soldatov K. S., Skazin V. A.


Key generation and distribution schemes classification for quantum key distribution networks of arbitrary topology

Zhilyaev A. E.


Network Anomaly Detection Based on Artificial Immune System for Industrial Internet of Things

Vasiliev V. I., Gvozdev V. E., Shamsutdinov R. R.


Application security metrics when using defense system against vulnerabilities based on return-oriented programming

Lubkin I. A.


Assessment of employee reliability in the human resources of the enterprise

Shelupanov A. A., Gluhareva S. V., Nemirovich-Danchenko M. M.


Topic Modeling in the Context of Medical Texts

Zemlyanskiy S. A., Aksyonov S. V., Lyzin I. A., Berestneva O. G.


Evaluation system for electronic educational-methodical complexes of disciplines

Gorodovich A. V., Kruchinin V. V., Perminova M. Yu.


Methodology and software for atmospheric correction of images obtained with unmanned aircraft to allow the safe location of vegetation

Kataev M. Yu., Kartashov E. Yu., Smirnov D. S.


Selection of a sliding mode controller for an automated transport system

Tran V. T., Korikov A. M., Nguen T. T.


Knowledge base for coefficients of k-power on generating functions in two variables

Kruchinin D. V.


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