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Electronics, radio engineering and communications

Methods of choosing the additional bases of aerial structures of multi-base phase direction finders to decrease the probability of registering false bearings

Porubov G. G.


Measurement and study of the characteristics of the slit-type radar system in multi-wave mode

Pichugin V. N.


Accuracy characteristics for the assessment of modified differential radar reflectivity at remote sensing of inhomogeneous meteorological formation

Masalov E. V., Krivin N. N., Ponamarev D. E.


Non-Quasi-Static Diode Model Taking into Account Extraction and Recombination Currents of Non-Equilibrium Charge Carriers and Its Use for Characterization of Step Recovery Diodes

Semenov E. V., Malahovskiy O. Yu., Bozhkov V. G.


Refractive index changes induced in the surface layer of a lithium niobate crystal during the channel waveguide formation for optoelectronic devices

Bezpalyy A. D., Bykov V. I., Mandel A. E., Krakovskiy V. A.


Management, computer science and informatics

Capacity of the Quantum Key Distribution System with Single-Qubit Encoding via Satellite-Mediated Quantum Free-Space Link

Zadorin A. S., Kruglov R. S., Razgulyaev S. I., Krakovskiy V. A., Mandel A. E.


Architecture of multiuser simulation environment MARS

Gandzha T. V., Dmitriev V. M., Zaychenko T. N., Bukreev A. S., Malyshenko A. M., Shilin A. A.


Synthesis of the modified method for inversion of small real numbers

Svetlakov A. A., Karelin A. E., Maystrenko A. V., Malyshenko A. M., Suschenko S. P.


Issue of motion patterns based on the mass center of a human body using video images

Kataev M. Yu., Kataeva N. G., Buintsev D. N., Kurakov A. B.


Development of a control algorithm for the installation of a downhole pump to determine the optimal dynamic fluid level in a well

Torgaeva D. S., Shurygin Yu. A., Shinyakov Yu. A., Suhorukov M. P., Starinov A. G.


Task and algorithms to conceive an action plan for the updating of learning content

Gorodovich A. V., Kruchinin V. V., Suschenko S. P.


Introduction to the problem of developing research competencies by students

Buymov A. G.


Estimation of the method to calculate the ruble exchange rate in relation to the cost of oil and inflation

Borovskoy I. G., Poholkov Yu. P., Zhuchkov A. O., Shelupanova P. A.


Electrical engineering

Comparative analysis of I-V curve solar array simulator

Rekutov O. G., Rulevskiy V. M., Yudintsev A. G., Malyshenko A. M.


Parameter calculation method of the Lithium-Ion cells dynamic model

Bryantsev A. A., Bukreev V. G., Shilin A. A.


Using of the Digital Communication Interface CAN to Provide Parallel Operation of Converters

Klassen S. V., Klassen T. S., Luft S. V., Haritonov S. A., Volkov A. G.


Methodology for setting up an experiment in CoDeSys using the example of a ventilation control system

Prohorov S. V., Nguen V. V., Shilin A. A., Odnokopylov G. I., Shevchuk V. A.



Corypheus of science and technology: 85th anniversary of Vladimir Petrovich Tarasenko

Korikov A. M.


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