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Electronics, radio engineering and communications

Fiber-optic Synchronization and Data Transmission Subsystem of Multichannel Phased Array

Svetlichnyy Yu. A.


Coupled lines with double shields for microwave hybrids of various types of directivity with transforming properties

Sychev A. N., Bondar V. A., Zharov K. K., Anisimov V. V., Dagba K. B., Stepanyuga A. I.


Modal parameters of unequal coupled lines

Sychev A. N., Anisimov V. V., Bondar V. A., Dagba K. B., Stepanyuga A. I.


Analysis of Computational Complexity and Processing Time Evaluation of the Protocol Stack in 5G New Radio

Kryukov -. V., Pokamestov D. A., Rogozhnikov E. V., Novichkov S. A., Lakontsev D. V.


Simulation model of the transmission path for 5G NR base station

Movchan A. K., Rogozhnikov E. V., Dmitriev E. M., Novichkov S. A., Lakontsev D. V.


Algorithm for measuring distortion in a signal with quadrature phase shift keying (QPSK)

Chernyy V. S., Abramenko A. Yu., Ponomarev O. G.


Management, computer science and informatics

Random forest based pseudorandom sequences classification algorithm

Kozachok A. V., Spirin A. A., Golembiovskaya O. M.


Fuzzy Coordinated Control of an Electric Drive System of a Four-Wheel Mobile Robot

Meshkovskiy E. O., Kurmashev A. D., Frolov V. Ya.


Electrical engineering

Nonlinear dynamic processes control system for a DC converter of the first kind

Andriyanov A. I.


Resonant solar cell energy converter in the power supply system for small spacecraft

Zhuravlev I. M., Osipov A. V.


Mathematical model of the LLC resonant converter

Stolyarova A. A., Mihalchenko S. G., Apasov V. I.


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