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Electronics, radio engineering and communications

Comparative analysis of object detection systems using using the reflection or reradiation of radio-, acoustic or electromagnetic waves

Karnyshev V. I., Avdzeyko V. I., Rulevskiy V. M., Paskal E. S., Krakovskiy V. A., Akulinichev Yu. P., Bozhkov V. G.


Control unit for active-pulse television systems

Mischenko N. I., Movchan A. K., Kapustin V. V., Chaldina E. S., Akulinichev Yu. P., Bozhkov V. G.


Management, computer science and informatics

New challenges: stochastic threats to national security

Popov K. V., Shelupanov A. A.


Comparing the use of local and global features of handwritten signatures for user authentication

Andreevskih D. A., Razboynikov S. D., Silich M. P., Sarin K. S.


Evaluation of the efficiency of forward error correction of transport protocol data blocks

Suschenko S. P., Pristupa P. V., Miheev P. A., Poddubnyy V. V.


Multicriteria choice based on a matrix of criteria in assessing the software efficiency of information systems

Isakova A. I., Korikov A. M., Levin S. M.


Embedding information into JPEG images with distortion masking in frequency domain

Melman A. S., Petrov P. O., Shelupanov A. A., Aristov A. V., Poholkov Yu. P.


Conceptual model of software to develop acoustic emission diagnostic system

Han K. I., Kazhmaganbetova M. A., Zaychenko T. N.


Methods for adapting the leaping frog algorithm to the binary search space when solving the feature selection problem

Bardamova M. B., Buymov A. G., Tarasenko V. F.


Software to compare images of the vegetation index obtained by satellite devices and unmanned aircraft

Kataev M. Yu., Krylov M. O., Geyko P. P.


Social media event data analysis

Kataev M. Yu., Orlova V. V.


Gleicher's formula in solving the problem of plagiarism and managing students' research work

Buymov A. G., Poholkov Yu. P., Tarasenko V. F.


Application of information systems for accounting and analysis of employee data

Nosova A. D., Gazizov T. T., Stas A. N., Shelupanova P. A.


Electrical engineering

Algorithm for reducing additional losses in asynchronous electric drives in plants with static power regulators

Haychenko I. A., Babenko V. V., Nefedov Yu. V., Ha A. T.


Time-pulse method of single-phase half-bridge inverter control in formation of the harmonic load current

Shurygin Yu. A., Zaychenko T. N., Aristov A. V.


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